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Welcome on FlawlessTV

posted by Mikeu 72345 views

After 5 years on an island... *hum* After many months of thinking and adjusting this project, Flawless TV is finally online and ready to go.

The community is born from the will of contributing in the gaming and esport world, having fun with the worlds players and of course, provide people a place where they would like to be and evolve. Every streamers and members of our staff were and are gamers and following many esport scenes, so we can provide you all of this, provide you the best place to belong!

The first goal we want here is to regroup people with the same passion we have, to discuss, have fun, and so many other things we can't even imagine yet. Thanks to our staff and especially you, we will be able to go forward and grow together.

By coming here, you will be able to talk about any game, or anything you'd like, to other people; you will be able to chat with our streamer without any barrier and most of all, you will be a part of FLTV family.

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